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Terri From Virgina Says...

A few years ago, I was hitting a very low point in my life.  I was suffering form anxiety, depression, and had gained a lot of weight form emotional eating.  

Someone I look up to and trusted referred me to Jeremy Riden.  To this day I am beyond thankful that they did! When  I first spoke with Jeremy, I knew he was different.  He help me to see myself from a higher perspective and for the first time in my life, I truly felt special.

When we began Soul Coaching over the phone together, Jeremy knew how to talk to me through my intense anxiety.  He asked me the right questions at the right times.  Jeremy was someone I immediately trusted and opened up to him about being raised in a physically, emotionally, and sexually abusive home. Jeremy poured into me and gave me daily mental exercises to become less fearful and more self-confident.   He provided me with tools I had never been given before to climb myself out of the dark pit I felt my life was in.  

So many great things have happen since my coaching time with Jeremy. I no longer emotionally over eat, and have lost a ton of weight.   I went back to school and finished my degree.  I have truly learn to love myself fully and unconditionally and I found my soulmate and got married!!!! I will always be thankful God put Jeremy Riden into my life.  Jeremy's Soul Coaching is a gift from God. His strengths, intuition, beautiful heart, solid integrity, and vast emotional maturity are just a few qualities that Jeremy has that can and will change your life forever! 

Amy From Florida says....

When I first heard of a Soul Coaching, I was a little skeptical how helpful a spiritual coach could really be for me and my business. But after spending just the first 5 minutes on the phone with Jeremy Riden, I realized how wrong and flawed my previously held perceptions about Soul Coaching were.

In our initial consultation, I received more clarity about my life than I have ever had before!  The call confirmed many things that I had been feeling, but Jeremy was able to give me divine direction on how to proceed forward with  my ideas and plans.  Jeremy's coaching style is suited for anyone that may feel stuck or at a transitional period in their lives.  He teaches you how to activate and translate your own intuitive voice!  

Just leaning how to hear and trust my own intuition has brought me more success in my business and romantic relationships.   Everyone I have recommended to try Jeremy Riden's Soul Coaching as experience the same miraculous results in their lives too!

Jan From Connecticut Says...


I had the most insightful, detailed, motivating session yesterday with Soul Coach Jeremy Riden! He is thorough, precise, accurate, loving...the adjectives could go on forever.

His information about what is going on with me currently was totally accurate. His information about the year ahead was extremely helpful and very motivating.

Jeremy Riden has always given me accurate and insightful information. I have referred him and will continue to, to anyone who needs REAL RESULTS. 


Veronica From Arizona Says...

I can not say enough about my Soul Session with Jeremy Riden!  It was very eye opening, full of love and wisdom.  If you want a life changing experience an "Aha"  moment like Oprah Winfrey puts it, Jeremy Riden is your coach!  Jeremy thank you form the bottom of my soul.  For you have helped open a door for me and I am excited to see what the future holds for me!  I wish everyone could experience an Intuitive Soul Coaching Session  Jeremy Riden! 

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