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Minister Jeremy Riden

From his earliest memories Jeremy always had a deep hunger for spirituality. At the young age of seven  Jeremy became consciously aware of his inner Divine Spark.   

Jeremy’s relationship to The Divine presence inside of himself bestowed upon Jeremy the gift of Intuition!  A 21st century Spiritual Teacher, Emotional Healer, and Miracle Believer.  Jeremy Riden teaches, coaches and speaks by Divine Inspiration.  

Rev. Jeremy Riden, began his earthly ministry at the age of sixteen preaching at Pentecostal churches in miracle and healing crusades.  Being a catalyst for many people to receive divine messages of healing and direction for their life's journey. 

The spiritual hunger inside of Jeremy would continue to long for more Universal Spiritual Truths. Leading him to expand beyond his early upbringing of strict religious dogma, to an all embracing inclusive inner faith spirituality.  Jeremy Riden's Spiritual Evolution has Lead him to  be a cofounder Of Spiritual Awakenings Fellowship.  Spiritual Awakenings Fellowship is Ministerial Alliance of like minded  believers of Charismatic Consciousness.  

Charismatic Consciousness teaches Universal Inner Faith Spirituality Principals.  Charismatic because God/Spirit/Infinite Intelligence can demonstrate outer manifestations of miracles and healing in your life!  Consciousness because all the Spiritual Sages of every age, taught that the Kingdom of God is inside of you.  

Now Soul Coach Jeremy Riden travels the world delivering powerful, encouraging, intuitive messages from Spirit- On how you to can realize and release your full  potential by connecting  to your Divine Spark!  


Soul Coaching Services

Is there an area in your life that you feel you could be doing better in?  Love, Wealth, Health?

Jeremy Riden's  Life and Business  Coaching services is unique combination of  Astrology, Numerology, Destiny Cards, and His Intuitive Insights! 

His readings are emotionally healing and powerfully reveling! Discover what is going on exactly with your life right now!

You can learn more about his different coaching packages by clicking the Book Intuitive Coaching tab at the top of the home page.  Schedule Your Life Changing Coaching Call Today!

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