About Soul Coach And Astrology Adviser - Rev. Jeremy Riden

Receive Clarity, Direction, And Answers For Your Life Today!


Divine Spark Ministries Presents 

 Soul Coach And Astrologer Adviser 

Rev. Jeremy Riden 

 Jeremy Riden Shares Divine Messages Directly From The Higher Spiritual Realms To  People Ready To Receive Their Highest Good By Partnering With Spirit!   

Jeremy's Intuitive Gifts Have Provided Clarity, Direction, And Given Accurate Answers For The Lives Of Hundreds Of People From All Over The World!


Weather It's About Your Romantic Relationships, Career Choices, Or Other Important Life Decisions You Need To Make,  Having A Divine Spark Coaching Call With Soul Coach Jeremy Riden Is Worth

 The Investment!

Jeremy Riden's Soul Coaching And Astrology Readings Are Helping People From All Over The World To Heal Deeply So They Can Live Fully! 

You Too Can Have The Chance For Jeremy Riden To Deliver Inspiring Intuitive Insights For Your Life Also!  You Deserve To Have  Clarity, Direction , and Answers For All  Of Your  Life's Most Important Decision! 

Having Your Very Own Astrology Reading And Soul Coaching Session With Jeremy Riden Will Tell You Exactly What Things You Should Be Pursuing And Focusing On At This Time In Your Life.  No More Guessing If Your Dating The Right Person For You  Or If Your In The Right  Career That Will Bring You The Most Success And Happiness.  

 Jeremy Riden is trained in the Spiritual Sciences Of Astrology, Numerology, And Destiny Cards.  Jeremy Riden is also a highly intuitive medium using his gifts to uplift the masses to heal deeply so they can

 Live Their Best Life Now !

Jeremy Riden is also "Strategic Mastermind" showing you in practical ways how to implement the changes you desire in your life and business.  By giving your practical and easy step by step advice on how you should prepare for your future ahead of time.  In 2019 Jeremy's Riden's Business Coaching Calls  help his clients to amass over 35 million dollars in collective revenue.   In the words of JP Morgan  -

“Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do!"

Experience The Major Difference For Yourself!

There Is No Coaching, Counseling, or Consulting Company out there quite like Jeremy Riden's  Soul Coaching And Astrology Advising Programs.  Jeremy brings Real Results For Real People Everyday!

What Makes Soul Coach And Astrology Adviser Jeremy Riden  Different Then All The Other Life & Business Coaches Already Out There? 

Jeremy Custom Design Your Coaching Calls & Programs In Unconventional Intuitive Ways. By Using Intuitive Tools Like Astrology, Numerology, Destiny Cards Along With His  Own Super Charged & Sensitive Connection To Spirit.....

Jeremy Riden Is  Able To Give You Crystal Clarity And Divine Direction For Your Most Private Questions And Personal Life Decisions You Need To Make!

Are You Thinking This IS Crazy? Great!
Your The Type Of Client  Jeremy Likes To Help Take From Skeptical Questioner To Definite Believer! The Goal Of All Of Jeremy's Work Is To  Encourage And Empower Everyone To Create Their Best Life By Connecting To Their Divine Spark!

SO Weather you need Clarity and Direction in

 Romance, Finances, Or Other Major Life Decisions:

 Soul Coach  and Astrology Adviser Jeremy Riden is here for you!  

*There are lots of people who can read off to you some Astrology facts -But They Have No Idea How To Turn That Personal Information About You Into More Money, Success, And True Love.  Jeremy Riden Does! 

Your Soul Story; How To Create The Life You've Always Wanted

Is there an area of your life that you wish was doing better?  Are you living below your full potential?  Would you like greater results in your romance and finances?  Is there really a way to create for yourself the kind of life you see other successful happy people living?  The Answer is Yes! 

The Most Accurate Divination Tool

The Quest Method; Intuitive Destiny Guide 


What Can an Intuitive Life Coach Do For Me?

As Intuitive Life Coach  I can support you in finding and staying on your Highest Path.  By building a relationship with my clients, I can help you stay motivated and on-task, helping you move froward in achieving your greatest destiny 

by creating the life you've always wanted!