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Heal Deeply ~ Live Fully 

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Don't settle for less then your Full Potential! You Were Made For More!

Your Soul was created as Divine Spark from God! You are in this World to See, Feel, and Do Amazing Things with your Life!  You can Heal Deeply and Live Fully!

About Rev. Jeremy Riden And Divine Spark MINISTRIES-


Rev. Jeremy Riden

From his earliest memories Jeremy Riden always had a deep hunger for connecting to spirituality. At the age of seven Rev. Jeremy Riden was filled with the Power of Holy Spirit and accepted the Anointing of God upon his young life.   

Rev. Jeremy Riden continue to cultivate his special relationship to the presence of God inside of himself throughout his life.  With Jeremy's  Faith ignited God trusted him with the gift prophecy. 

A Prophet is a person who teaches and  speaks by  Divine Inspiration.  Rev. Jeremy Riden began his  professional  ministry at the age of sixteen preaching in Miracle and Healing crusades. Being a catalyst for many people to find Miracles, Healing and Salvation. 

 Rev.  Jeremy Riden travels the world delivering Life Changing messages from the Holy Spirit  on how to heal deeply and live fully  by recognizing and releasing your own Divine Spark! 

You Have A Divine Spark!

There is a a part deep inside of you that comes from God.  The Eternal Essence of who you truly are lives on even after you die.  The God part of who you really are has been describe by many names like the Soul, Spirit, Source, Energy ect...

Rev. Jeremy Riden calls the part of you that is made up of  divinity your

 "Divine Spark" 

When you begin to Embrace, Express, and Expand the Divine Spark inside of you, that is when you can create your most Exciting and Empowered life.   Jesus's life was filled with miracles and divine healing's.  He said  Greater works then these shall you do!  Divine Spark is about you living your life to the fullest while making a lasting impact on other people's lives. 

 In the New Testament Ephesians 3:20 says - 

"Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works inside us" .  There is a power that is inside of you that can help you create the life you've always wanted!  That power is your Divine Spark and when it is turned on you can do more amazing things then you ever imagined.  What are you waiting for? Your Destiny is Calling! 

Prophecy /Prayer Divine Spark Coaching Call

Do you need clarity and direction for your life?  Healing for your body or a Miracle for your family?  Could you use favor over your finances?  Maybe just an encouraging word to get you through the day?  Schedule a free Divine Spark Prophecy/Prayer coaching call with Rev. Jeremy Riden.

Click the contact link  above or directly email  Preacher and Prophet Rev. Jeremy Riden with  your Name, Need, Timezone, and best days and times for setting up your Divine Spark Prophecy/ Prayer Coaching Call at DivineSparkMinistries@gmail.com 

Invite Rev. Jeremy Riden

If you would like to have Rev. Jeremy Riden come and speak  and minister at your church, conference or special event email your request at DivineSparkMinistries@gmail.com 

Relief Ministries

Rev. Jeremy Riden has recognized  that many small churches are unfortunately  closing due to lack of having pastors and ministers available.  With the desire to see all congregations  flourish Rev. Riden has set up a Relief Ministries program where  anointed ministers team up with small or struggling congregations to help bring restoration and revival to their community.   

The Relief Ministries also helps Pastors who would like to go on vacation or take a sabbatical but can't because they do not have a safe , solid , and seasoned Minister to cover their services while they are gone.  Rev. Jeremy Riden and Relief Ministries provides qualified ministers to watch over the flock while the Pastor can go recharge his Mind, Body, and Spirit!  If you would like more Information about Relief Ministries email 



Your Divine Spark Can Change the World!

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