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You Have A Divine Spark!

What Is Your Divine Spark?


Each human being contains within himself a portion of God.  Some call that spiritual part of themselves The Holy Spirit, Love, Intuition, Christ Consciousness, Divine Mind, The Muse, Higher Power ... 

There are many names for this divine presence that resides inside of every soul. Intuitive Life Coach Jeremy Riden, calls our special and powerful connection to God, "The Divine Spark!".  

Life is to be lived passionately with love, joy, peace, purpose, and creativity! We have The Divine Spark within us, and it gives us infinite potential and possibilities!  When we come into the physical body with life, which is really spirit, we embark on a great journey of unfoldment. 

Many philosophers and preachers have tried to determine what is the eternal essence we bring into this life. For the most part the central theme for any spiritual belief is simply faith.    The goal of life, then, is to allow the divine spark to influence us towards greater love, peace, harmony and our highest good!

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